Safety Products

Cardinal Group can fulfill your safety product needs, from personal to facility operations. Offering direct order entry, multiple location services, storeroom management, and technical services and training, we make it easy for you to place orders, keep track of supplies, and equip and train your employees.

Leading Safety Products and Equipment

With more than 6,000 products from the industry’s leading manufacturers, the Cardinal Group has the resources and warehousing capabilities to fill any order, regardless of quantity. From safety glasses and coated gloves to rescue kits and traffic cones, our knowledgeable and committed sales staff ensures you get what you want when you need it.

Quality Suppliers and Competitive Costs

The Cardinal Group leverages its 300+ supplier base to stimulate creative synergies and build powerful partnerships. All in an effort to negotiate the very best costs on safety product and equipment for you! In fact, we have access to top safety products from: Honeywell, 3M, Gatorade, Igloo, Du Pont, and more.

Individual Safety

• Personal Protective Equipment
• Medical and First Aid
• Cold and Heat Stress
• Facility and Office Ergonomics
• Occupational Health Hazards

Facility Operations Safety

• Machine Guarding
• Confined Space
• Environmental Safety Hazards
• Slips, Trip and Falls
• Exit and Fire Protection

Vending Machines

With Cardinal Group’s Safety Products Vending Machine your personnel will always have the protection they need. Our customized machines reduce overhead and improve efficiencies by dispensing safety products 24/7/365 while tracking inventory and usage.

Vending Machines Details

You can track everything from products and costs to employee or department access.

Instead of managing boxes and skids of safety products in an on-site storeroom, Cardinal Group tracks your inventory and replenishes stock as needed.

By dispensing the safety products your personnel need when they need them you eliminate waste and unnecessary storage costs.

Cardinal Group provides the equipment, installation, training, and maintenance of our Safety Products Vending Machines. All you have to do is to enjoy the convenience and reduced overhead costs.

Greg Wilson

Vice President of Sales

Jackie Tedeschi

Customer Service Manager

Industry Experience

» Power — Generation, Transmission & Distribution
» Automotive
» Government, Military & Commercial Aviation
» Heavy Industrial
» Personal Care
» Power Generation

Safety Products For The Tough Jobs

We carry complete head-to-toe protection products such as gloves, face shields, earplugs, respirators, clothing, boots, and more.

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